Text Box: Faq's

Text Box: Frequent Ask Questions

Text Box: 1) How can I mail my design ?
Text Box: You can E-mail to us your design on a "JPEG" format. Just let us Know the hight and width.
Text Box: 2) How long it will take to do ?
Text Box: We can have a design ready to be embroidered in three days.
Text Box: 3) Can I be able to see it first before you run the job ?
Text Box: Yes, we will mail to you a swatch embroidered with your logo or your design for your approval.
Text Box: 4) What happens if I don't like how it came out ?
Text Box: We will edit it until we get it the way you wanted.
Text Box: 5) Who will keep the logo ?
Text Box: We will have your logo on file, but you can have a copy letting us know when placing the order, 
in that way we will send  it with the order.
Text Box: 6) Do I have to pay for the set-up again on my re-orders ?

Text Box: No, this is a one time charge.
Text Box: 7) If I alter the logo on my re-orders, do I have to pay extra ?
Text Box: Yes, the cost will depend on how much work do you want to change.
Text Box: 8) What happens if I receive a shirt with a manufacturer defect that you over looked ?
Text Box: Just send it back to us and we will inmediately replace it.

Text Box: Special Quotes

Text Box: If you want a quote for a particular shirt we don't carry in our catalog.
Text Box: Please, let us know the brand name, sizes and quantities. We'll give
Text Box: you a price by the next business day.